Think about this. There were companies that dominated their industries in times past but are no more; entrepreneurs whose promising start-ups fizzled out within a matter of months and you’ve probably heard or know of employees who used to be stars in their organizations but who ran out of steam somewhere along the line.

While different factors may be responsible for the above scenarios, one reason individuals or companies may experience a decline in effectiveness or relevance is reduced creativity.Your ability to remain creative sets you apart from the crowd and ensures that you remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. Yesterday’s solutions would not suffice for today’s problems; there is therefore the need to continually evolve with changing trends so as not to become obsolete.

However, rising above the busyness of daily life in order to allow your creative juices flow can be quite a challenge if you have no idea on how to go about it.

This video gives 29 beautiful tips on how to stay creative. Creativity requires a clear, seeking mind and can be triggered by any object, activity or scenario. To set it off, it is important to create the right environment and prepare for it when it comes. Here are the first 10 ways to stay creative as listed in the video:

  1. Make Lists
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere
  3. Try Free writing
  4. Get away from the computer
  5. Quit beating yourself up
  6. Take Breaks
  7. Sing in the Shower
  8. Drink Coffee
  9. Listen to new music and
  10. Be Open


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