It is Monday but you should behave like its Saturday so your life will get easier.  Life is nothing without troubles and worries in fact in my point of view life is not interesting without sorrows. Bowing down before worries and troubles can never solve your problems in fact somehow it will enhance the damage. People who are surrounded by worries don’t enjoy their lives as they should and it results in nothing but the high voltage of depression. The level of the complaining is unacceptable What if I told you this was the last morning of your life? What if I told you, you will die this week? Would you still complain about your crap job, annoying life or other sorrow of your life? Surely not.

Kneeling down in front of problems can never bring you the happiness, happiness does not come from outside, it lies in yourself you just need to explore it. You need to think from higher level if you will think from the level of the ant you will think like an ant but if you are optimistic enough and think from totally new of level like an eagle who flies high in the sky than you will be going to rock the world. Thinking in an optimistic way is the first step toward the success and this mindset can take you to the level where you can show your middle finger to all of the problems and hurdles that come your way. We are not living in sort of limited world, opportunities are not limited you will find different opportunities queued after one another, one goes and so the next knocks your doors but here remember one thing, opportunities may take the time to knock you but they brings you with everything when they do. There are way more opportunities for us in this world, way more than what we think.

You are complaining about life but think if your parent could have sex 3 minutes later? What could have happened? You weren’t even be existing to complain about meaningless life. In fact, life is not meaningless as we think it hides many things inside it, we just need to explore them. Forget about sex between your parents now think if you could have ended being a bus or a tree, I just don’t get the mentality of being head down and sad on a Monday morning. As I mentioned earlier, think from a whole new level and doing so you will be playing with Monday mornings and this is what I want from you people so please take step back as lion takes before attacking his prey and then attack the world with new ideas and fresh mindset and then you will come to know that how lucky you are to be born in this era where you get hundreds of the opportunities on daily basis. You explore those opportunities or not that is the different case but if you do so then you will be ruling the world. So stop worrying about the workload of Monday and say with me“FUCK YOU MONDAY”.


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