A warrior doesn’t give up what he loves. If you love something than take it. Don’t wait for things to come to you by itself. A true life worrior is one who finds the love, in what he does! One should not stop no matter what comes in his way. jumping over the hurdles is actually a name of the life. If you get stuck on a hurdle don’t feel sorry for yourself by just sitting there. We are humans the master after God so how you can give up? No matter if you are handicapped, blind or deaf never stop and never let anything come in your way. No one is perfect and victorious, what makes a man perfect and victoreous is his attitude. Your attitude can take you anywhere you want to go. It’s about courage and potential. I have seen some people crying with their head down and living far behind the standards of life just because they had an accident or something or a bad situation but as I mentioned earlier, nothing should stop you from moving on.
God has blessed us with many of his super blessings and having something worse like an accident is also one of those blessings. Now, you might be wondering about what I just said. Yes, accidents are also blessings because it’s your training for upcoming worst things. Life is a choice, you can choose to be a victim or anything else you like to be. over such little accidents or bad things the only fool reacts, you do not, you are super creature of this universe. You should not worry about your future. What you have to do is just focus on your present. No one is your enemy, you are your own enemy. No one stops you in moving on, you stop yourself.


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