The principles of success aren’t as shrouded in secrecy as some people may tend to believe. Influential and successful people freely share what they know and when placed side-by-side, their advice or perspectives, are usually comparable even though they may have been stated differently. If you are someone with a strong desire to succeed, there are more than enough success tips, out there, from achievers to get you started.

The issue then, is really not a lack of information, but likely a lack of action on the part of many. In this video, for example, 82 year old Billionaire, Sheldon Adelson in answering the question “how can you achieve your dreams?” claimed that he has shared these 2 tips over a thousand times already but it seems nobody listens.

It would seem that the fact there is a plethora of information about success out there, leaves people stuck in the abyss of analysis. Rather than do something with what they have learnt from books or seminars, folks become engrossed in analyzing the information or perhaps reveling in the vastness of their knowledge. Knowledge if not backed with immediate and necessary action is meaningless and would serve you no good.

Watch this video to get Sheldon Adelson’s advice and make every effort to follow through.


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